Process Automation is WDG’s specialty

Gain speed and safety, while eliminating mistakes in your repetitive processes. 

Boost your workforce with our bots, which can perform any kind of task a human user can. 

Get to know our complete process automation suite with RPA, RCA, AI, Natural Language, IVA, Chatbot, URA as well as a CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA solving solution.

WDG Automation

Get to know the power of RPA with the Brazilian market leading company

Time to Market

The ease of learning how to create bots promotes significant reduction in development time, decreasing process automation costs, boosting your company’s results and its digital transformation.


Legacy systems, Web, Windows, java, Mainframe through the 3270 terminal, URA, Chatbot, APIs… Practically any system or service can be integrated to our solution so you can be fully automated with RPA.

Costs Reduction

The integration of a digital worker into your team allows you to automate processes with bots, which can reduce operational costs up to 75%… Your company reduces costs with people, mistakes and rework.

Reduction of Mistakes

WDG Automation has an error rate of 0%. With consistent and safe results, you and your team start having more time to focus your energy on more strategical tasks for your company and clients.

Unique Platform

There are over 600 commands in a single IDE, so the development of your bots gets simpler and easier. There is no need to install various modules… With WDG Studio, even if you are not a software developer, you are able to build your own bots.

Total Safety

Data is shielded due to information confidentiality. Besides the single sign-on resource, the WDG architecture protects your confidential data through the Password Vault, which provides even more safety in the creation and execution of your bots.

But... What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is a technology that encompasses the use of smart robots in any process requiring efficiency, consistency and speed, with no risk of mistakes. In a nutshell, RPA simulates a human user working.

Today, it is possible to automate processes through the use of digital robots, or bots, which execute pre-programed, repetitive tasks in a safe and mistake free manner.

We have over 600 ready commands for you to create your robots, all in one platform..


In average, creating RPA robots is 3x faster than developing a standard software.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can diminish costs in up to 75%!


RPA goal is to replace human workforce?

RPA was created so people can do significant work and robots can perform repetitive and monotonous tasks. The famous Copy and Paste is a robot duty. A team integrated with RPA becomes a more productive and motivated team. The modern workforce is composed by people and robots.

Is it possible to use Chatbot with RPA?

YES! And in case you want to use our solution, no additional integration will be necessary. WDG Studio has commands ready for use with chatbots, including natural language and A.I.

Which process should I automate?

The most productive scenario for automating processes with RPA usually has three characteristics: Activities that are repetitive, stable, and in a very large volume.

RPA is A.I?

In a nutshell, RPA is a software that simulates an user. A.I, on the other hand, is a tecnology similar to human intelligence. In fact, RPA has a more processual focus in executing tasks, clicking in buttons, filling up information, etc. They are different, however these two things can be a powerfull match.

Can anyone create bots?

At first, yes. Having previous knowledge in coding is not required. However, it’s important to mention that, if we are talking about high-stakes scenarios, it is desirable to have certain logic, processual and systematic vision skills.

Some Of Our Use Cases

From automatic invoice emission, system integration, information reconciliation, report generation, intelligent email management to lead generation and others…There are thousands of possibilities to Robotic Process Automation usage.Book a demo right now and find out more about some of our best use cases…


We have a case involving one of the biggest Brazilian vehicle makers, which encompassed RPA, chatbot, A.I. and SMS service.


Get to know registration in SAP, from Excel to e-mail. It used to take 3 minutes per supplier. Now, it’s done almost instantaneously.


Find out about the process in a reputed hospital which used to depend on 30 people to update medical records in the government system. Now, all of this is done by 03 bots.

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Automate Your Processes with WDG Automation

Process automation with Robotic Process Automation is the most efficient way to reduce mistakes and diminish costs. Join the future, boost the digital transformation of your company with Brazil’s leading RPA solution.

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